Sounds from Inside the Mind of...

Sounds From Inside the Mind of...

1. Super Riff–Part 1 pierson
2. Exploring the Lunar Surface v. frickle
3. Alien Sofa fehr
4. From Prehistoric to Post Modern v. frickle
5. Scary 1 fehr
6. Plasto v. frickle
7. Operation 51 fehr
8. Sonic Bursts of Liquid Metal v. frickle
9. Super Riff–Part 2 pierson

copyright&publishing2000 vonFrickle Music

LEE FEHR Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer, Percussion, Vocal on OP51
john ganser Drums, Percussion, moog, Short Wave Radio
timothy pierson Bass, Moog, Truck

All music recorded live to two-track DAT except Super Riff 1 & 2, Alien Sofa and Operation 51 recorded on four-track cassette

All songs arranged, recorded and produced by vonFrickle at
Fabro Studios, Eureka, IL

Engineered by Lee Fehr except Scary 1, engineered by Greg Pare
Edited and mastered by R. fish Carpenter at the Fishtank
Front cover photo: Jackie Pope Ganser
Graphic design by R. fish Carpenter

Thanks to: Jackie, Fish, Greg, Dan Meyer, Ken Thornton,
Tony San Filippo, Chuck Charbonneau