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Guitar Player “Guitarists Lee Fehr and Ken Thornton move fluidly between King Crimson-esque prog and dark and moody ambient music.”
    JEFF MIERS, Guitar Player Magazine

The Hub“Of course, playing music like this takes serious chops, and vonFrickle has them in spades...with Arrhythmia, [they have] created a masterful work of progressive rock. Powerful, weird, evocative. In a word, awesome.”
    JEREMY BERG, The Hub, Champaign, IL

Al Kooper“Just when the words Zappa, ELO & Dixie Dregs start to escape the vocabulary, here comes this Illinois instrumental band that’s not afraid of time signatures, keys or tempo changes. Frank woulda liked this song’s title as well.”(In reference to PROTOPLASMIC SQUID EATER from Mission 4.9, one of his Top 50 Recordings of 2005)
    AL KOOPER, Legendary Musician & Producer •

Celtic Camera“I was floored by the sheer number of musical styles I was able to pick up on throughout their set. The musicianship was top notch all the way and I liked how they mixed soft, flowing melodies into blow- the-back-of-your-head-off and then back again arrangements.”
    GARETH GLYNN, The Celtic Camera Concert Review

Welsh Radio “Mission 4.9 is some of the most creative music that has come out of The United States in a long time...vonFrickle may well be the greatest under ground band of the post X generation.
    JONATHON SPIRES, Welsh Radio, Cardiff, Wales

Guitar Player Logo“vonFrickle’s bag of tricks may not be for everyone, but an open-minded listener should find this synthesizer-based band’s Feeding the Organic Computer CD very entertaining... I highly recommend this album to those who crave the truly unique.”
    Illinois Entertainer, Chicago, IL

Guitar Player Logo”Beyond a doubt [Arrhythmia] is their most fully realized and focused work, spanning the gamut from straight ahead and very memorable anthemic melodies to ethereal atmospheric pieces.”
    ERIC HARABADIAN, Progression Magazine

Guitar Player Logo“Mission 4.9 is a masterpiece of prog-shock instrumental music... the last track POD is the aural equivalent of the lunar landing...”
    ROBERT SILVERSTEIN, 20th Century Guitar Magazine

Guitar Player Logo“vonFrickle is a wonderfully adventurous cavalcade of musical madness. Four excellent musicians who go where few have ever thought of going. Are these guys really from another planet or are they just that good?”
    WRXT, Nova Scotia, Canada

Guitar Player Logo“vonFrickle released an album, Mission 4.9, in 2005 that demands you prick your ears up and listen to them... the music is absolutely stunning... chopping guitar riffs, combining difficult time signatures with space jams that drill their way into your subconscious... As each song assaults your senses you are aware that this is musical science fiction... Remember the name vonFrickle...”
    MOTT THE DOG, Pattays, Thailand

Guitar Player Logo“What’s in the water over there in the United States? In a word, vonFrickle ultra weird. Their latest release Mission 4.9 is a complex mixture of loud prog rock and interesting but unusual synthesizer based soundscapes. Melding two such diverse musical forms into a concessive one is no easy task yet this band does it very admirably. My hats off to these guys from Illinois.”
    ANTONIO SANCHEZ, Music Extreme, Madrid, Spain

Guitar Player Logo“vonFrickle is a unique synthesis of musicians and entertainer, traveling circus and postmodern symphony. They are well worth seeing, well worth hearing, well worth joining in their musical expeditions.”
    JOSEPH ZIMMERMAN, The Octopus, Champaign IL