Feeding the Organic Computer

Feeding the Organic Computer

1. Bullet Brain fehr
2. Feeding the Organic Computer pierson
          A. Swimming with Fishes  B. Sphere of Sound  C. Organic Jones
3. Crableg Man FEHR
4. Miles PIERSON
5. Scary II FEHR
6. Mysterious Mr. Wong FEHR
7. Euro Trash PIERSON
8. 101111001001100000 FEHR
9. Drone PIERSON
10. Chemtrails FEHR

copyright&publishing2001 vonFrickle Music
copyright&publishing2005 Kiss the Sun Music • Re-release by o.i.e. Records, ltd.

LEE FEHR Guitar, Roland Guitar Synthesizer
john ganser Drums, Micromoog, SPD20 Drum Pad
timothy pierson Bass, Moog Prodigy, Effects
dan meyer Trombone, Trumpet, Baritone Sax, French Horn, Clarinet, Sousaphone, Cello, Synthesizers, Yamaha Breath Controller

Theremin on Mysterious Mr. Wong tommy o’donnell

Produced by R. Fish Carpenter & vonFrickle
Engineered, recorded and edited by Fish
at the Fishtank, Bloomington, Illinois
Mixed by Fish, John & Lee
Re-mastered by Erik Nelson at Eclipse Studios, Normal, Illinois

Intro on Scary II recorded via www.silophone.net

Graphic design by Fish

Thanks to Jackie Pope-Ganser, Tommy OD, Tim Thomas, Greg Pare, John & Lynn Brown, Tony San Filippo, Pat the Chemist, Grandma Fehr, Chuck Charbonneau, Mike Manna & the Lizard’s Lounge, the Stadium and to all who have indulged us at our live shows