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Thank you and goodnight.

As it has been known to those close to the band for some time, but possibly not to those who have discovered us via the internet, vonFrickle officially ceased playing as a group in 2012, and the members have amicably gone their own ways. John Ganser and Ken Thornton occasionally perform as the improvisational ambient duo "Hallucinato", much of which in is the vein of the improvised "Beyond Weird Series" recordings made by vonFrickle.

Most of the CDs are still available via mail order, and can be ordered right here on the MEDIA page.

The band would like to sincerely thank all of those who have provided support over the years, and is thrilled new fans across the globe are continuing to discover vonFrickle online.

The music will live on...


NEARfest 2011 Cancelled

vonFrickle is sad to announce that the 2011 NEARFest has been canceled. From the organizers: "It is our sad duty to inform you that 2011 edition of the North East Art Rock Festival has been canceled due to a lack of ticket sales. This unfortunate result is likely the product of lower-than-expected interest in a transitional lineup of talented international acts combined with a slow-to-rebound U.S. economy. Despite utilizing our well-established avenues of communication and traditional revenue streams, including the annual Patron Program, it has become apparent that ceasing operation of NEARfest 2011 is truly the only decisions have been made regarding the long-term future of the festival". Best wishes go out to the organizers of the festival, and apologies to fans hoping to see the band on their first east coast swing. Optional east coast shows are being considered...


CD Release Shows: Bloomington & Chicago

vonFricklevonFrickle will kick off a string of spring and summer dates at the recently re-opened Castle Theatre in Bloomington, IL on Thursday, March 31st, followed by a Chicago show at The Abbey Pub on Friday, April 8th. The band will be supporting the release of their 9th album, "vonFrickle", the first studio album since 2006. Opening the Bloomington show is Normals' Harps of Tartarus. vonFrickleThe Abbey Pub show is a four band lineup with Frickle playing a 50-60 minute set 10:40. Also on the bill are Zip Tang and District 87, with acoustic rock act Karlye Lapetina rounding out the evening.


vonFrickle to play NEARfest 2011!

NEARfest vonFrickle is thrilled and honored to announce their invitation to perform at the "grandaddy of all prog-rock festivals", NEARFest, in Bethlehem, PA. The guys will be playing a 60-minute set on Friday, June 24, 2011, the second of three bands that night. The 3-day festival hosts the premiere progressive rock bands from all over the world. This year's lineup features bands from Chile, Sweden, Indonesia, Italy, Canada and Finland - vF is the only band from the States invited. A big thanks to Norm Nied for putting the band in contact with the right people.


The NEW studio album is HERE!


Featuring 9 all new original compositions, the self-titled vonFrickle is an aggressive, guitar-oriented beast. Check out some tracks and purchase a copy on the MEDIA page!


Hello Goodbye
vonFrickle welcomes Nathan Parks...

vonFrickle is pleased to announce the addition of pianist/keyboardist Nathan Parks to the band's lineup. Nathan has previously been involved with the band, opening a few live dates as a solo act, as well as playing on and providing the cover artwork for the latest release, vonFrickle. Nathan's immense talent and creativity will continue to move vonFrickle in new ways. He will be taking over in some respects for departing bassist & multi-instrumentalist Dan Meyer who, after nearly 6 years as a Frickle, has decided to leave the band to dedicate more time to other projects. We wish Dan well in his new endeavors.