Mission 4.9

Mission 4.9

1. Kablam! fehr
2. Cranium Controller fehr
3. Shapeshifter fehr/ganser
4. Petri Dish Incident v. frickle
5. Attack of the Giant Eyeball fehr
          Pt 1. Evil Eye   Pt. 2 Retinoblastoma
6. Terra Firma Exodus fehr
7. Protoplasmic Squid Eater fehr
8. Zombie Stomp v. frickle
9. Pod fehr

copyright&publishing2003 vonFrickle Music
copyright&publishing2005 Kiss the Sun Music • Re-Release by o.i.e. Records, ltd.

LEE FEHR Guitars, Roland GR1 & GR33 Guitar Synths
john ganser Drums, Moog, Vintage Keys, Roland SPD20 Drum Pad
timothy pierson Bass, Moog, Farfisa Organ
ken thornton Guitars, Ebow, Vintage Keys

Arranged, recorded, produced and mixed by vonFrickle
at f.e.a.r. Studios, Eureka, IL

Re-mastered by Erik Nelson, Eclipse Studios, Normal, IL
Drums engineered by Tony San Filippo
Photos & editing by R. fish Carpenter
Layout by fish and vonFrickle

Thank you Roger & Connie Fehr, Jackie Pope-Ganser, Deb Thornton, Keith Schurter, Brian Francis, Darin Wright, Marie Benbow, Tommy O’Donnell, B.C., Brownie and Snotty

Long live G. Pauline Fehr 1913–2003...
Hope you're having high balls in heaven with Jesse.