Frank Works in a Factory

Vol. I - Frank Works in a Factory

1. Pods, Cocoons and Filth v. frickle
2. Mass Producing SMoDs
          (Space Machines of Death) v. frickle
3. Planning the Ultimate Oblivion v. frickle
4. Secret Centipede Army v. frickle
5. Dissecting the Transistor Cyclops v. frickle
6. Man of Metal v. frickle
7. Frank’s Wild Year on Planet Rejuv v. frickle

copyright&publishing2002 vonFrickle Music

vonFrickle is
Lee Fehr, John Ganser, Tim Pierson
with Darin Wright & Mike Eckert (Ahoy!)

Noises made with: guitar, theremin, bongos, moog synths, air organ, bass drums, timpani, guitar synths, gongs, rototoms, thunder tubes, woodblocks, trumpet, glockenspeil, cowbells, human voice, fog machine, shortwave radio, electric drill, human hands, firecrackers in a bucket, assortment of amps, various effects processors, duct tape, beer can

These original improvisational sessions were recorded live with six ambient microphones, then digitally edited

Recorded and mixed by vonFrickle at f.e.a.r. Studios, Eureka, IL
Engineered by Lee Fehr
Photos & editing by R. fish Carpenter
Layout by fish and vonFrickle

Thank you Roger, Connie, Mark and Grandma Fehr, Jackie, Tony San Filippo, B.C., Brownie and Snotty

Frank secretly redirects the bioelectrical flow from the dormant SMoD into the neuro processor of a mechanical centipede assassin. Since his capture some twenty cycles ago, he has been planning the destruction of this military factory and its ruling alien race of levitating cyborg octopi. Today at exactly 21:11.13, he will overload the pod machines, sever the micro cortex thought cables, and disappearin the river of industrial filth that serpentines its way around the factory and out over the edge of the rimwall.