Frank's Great Escape

Vol. II - Frank's Great Escape

1. Forty Thousand Years Later
2. Android Resurrection
3. Plan B - Cyclops Infiltration
4. 20 Grams of Existence
5. The Great Emperor Octopi the VIIIth
6. Gluon Infection
7. Frank’s Great Escape
8. Illustrious Alien Insult

copyright&publishing2005 Beyond Weird Music (ASCAP)

ABOUT THIS RECORDING: This episode was recorded as an improvisational piece from start to finish. Overdubs were also improvised. Instruments used: Keyboard, Guitar and Drum Synthesizers.

Written, recorded and mixed by vonFrickle:
Lee Fehr, John Ganser, Dan Meyer, Ken Thornton
at Fabro Studios, Eureka, IL, 2005

Episode II Frank’s Great Escape

CHAPTER 1: FORTY THOUSAND YEARS LATER “And now, forty thousand years later, Episode Number II, Frank’s Great Escape!”

CHAPTER 2: ANDROID RESURRECTION Rumors of Frank’s failed escape attempt in Episode Number I are confirmed. Still a prisoner of the Cyborg Octopi, he formulates another run for freedom.

CHAPTER 3: PLAN B - CYCLOPS INFILTRATION Dormant smods lie unborn in orange kelp jelly waiting to populate the next systematic non future. Each one a perfect design, both cunning and lethal. “Frank secretly redirects the bio-electrical flow...”

CHAPTER 4: 20 GRAMS OF EXISTENCE The velocity powder dribbles slowly over Frank’s gray metal cranium protector then implodes on contact with the crisp thin hydroxide breath consumptors. Sleepy Cyborg Octopi security guards levitate quietly in the corners. The first mechanical centipede assassin is now primed and ready for the birthing pod. 37 hours to go!

CHAPTER 5: THE GREAT EMPEROR OCTOPI THE 8TH The Cyborg Octopi are busy planning the late Emperor's funeral. Distraction is vital! Tonight they celebrate the dead with a grand parade.

CHAPTER 6: GLUON INFECTION Triphonic sound modules bridge the gap between safety shutdown and nothingness. “Please pause for retinal scanning.” Once inside the master processor, Frank quickly implants the Gluon oblivion code. Cloud chambers rumble and vibrate to precognitive premonitions. Row after row of robotic insect bombers are secretly infected.

CHAPTER 7: FRANK'S GREAT ESCAPE Somethings gone wrong! One by one, robotic insect bombers lift off gracefully into space then suddenly turn and hurl themselves back into the factory exploding on contact. Confused Cyborg Octopi Commanders wail in the confusion. Frank hurriedly stuffs himself into the cockpit of an aquatic fin fighter. He only has a few more seconds before the factory succumbs to the vast empty vacuum of deep space.

CHAPTER 8: ILLUSTRIOUS ALIEN INSULT Ship's Log: Cyborg factory destroyed... Freedom obtained... making course for Terra Firma...

Stay tuned for Episode Number III...