The Forty Fingers of Dr. V

LIVE: The 40 Fingers of Doctor V

2. Cranium Controller fehr
3. Protoplasmic Squid Eater fehr
4. Galactic Bounty Hunter v. frickle
          (Including the Abduction of Don Ellis)
5. Broth of Oblivion thornton
6. 101111001001100000 fehr
7. Scatterbrain fehr
8. Attack of the Giant Eyeball fehr
          Pt 1. Evil Eye   Pt. 2 Retinoblastoma
9. Scary II fehr
10. Bullet Brain fehr
11. Pod fehr
12. Wreck of the Hallucinato v. frickle
             ii. Descent Into the Deep

All recorded material publishing2007 Beyond Weird Music
      & o.i.e. Records, Ltd.
All songs ©Kiss The Sun Music (ASCAP)
except tracks 4, 7 & 12 ©Beyond Weird Music (ASCAP)

Lee Fehr Guitar, Guitar Synth (Left Channel)
John Ganser Drums, Percussion, Electronics
Dan Meyer Bass Guitar, Synth, Theremin
Ken Thornton Guitar, Guitar Synth, Ebow (Right Channel)

Produced by vonFrickle and John McGlasson for o.i.e. Records, Ltd.

Recorded Live at the Castle Theatre, Bloomington, IL,
October 20, 2006 by Rollin Weary and John McGlasson

Mixed by vonFrickle at Fabro Studios, Eureka, IL
Mastered by Erik Nelson at Eclipse Studios, Normal, IL

Photography, Design and Original Art by R Fish Carpenter

Manufactured by o.i.e. Records, Ltd.