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Lee Fehr

Lee Fehr


Lee Fehr
A founding member of vonFrickle, Lee started playing the guitar at age 13 and became an early local pioneer of guitar synthesis, experimenting with guitar synths in the early-80's. Known for his unusual sounds and odd rhythms, both of which have been a trademark of the band's sound since the beginning, he has honed his quirky chops by playing in bands with diverse musical styles. Prior to vonFrickle, Lee played in such bands as the '80's metal group Razor Stain, swampy country rock n' rollers Uncle Bobs Country Fuchs, the sanguine Tulip Crew and the experimental prog band, The Water Babies.

As the creative force behind the majority of vonFrickle's early compositions, Lee's unique writing style leaves as many puzzled as it does enlightened. Coupled with an enormous range of sounds, his riffs propelled the tone of the whole band, and as the writing has progressed into more of a group effort, Lee's influence is still strongly felt in every song.

In addition to his time as guitarist and composer, Fehr also spends a lot of time behind the controls when the band enters the studio. Or, as it is, his studio. With the exception of Feeding the Organic Computer, Lee has recorded and engineered every vonFrickle album in Fabro Studios, his space secretly hidden somewhere far out in the cornfields of central Illinois. His early recordings, including the first vonFrickle album, were done on a basic 4-track cassette deck, and the space has now progressed into a modern day Pro Tools / Mac Pro setup. Decked out like a teenager's attic from the '70's, Fabro gives the band the extra time needed to capture their original songs in a completely comfortable atmosphere.

Lee hopes to continue playing music and writing vonFrickle songs for as long as his bandmates want to keep going. "I've never known a time signature I didn't like. Plus the chicks are great!"

1989 - Razor Stain Shitake Rendezvous
1991 - Uncle Bobs Country Fuchs Four Track Fairlane
1993 - Uncle Bobs Country Fuchs Cornhole Sally
1995 - Tulip Crew Self-Titled
1997 - The Water Babies
2000 - vonFrickle Sounds From Inside the Mind of…
2001 - vonFrickle Feeding the Organic Computer
2002 - vonFrickle Beyond Weird Series – Episode 1, Frank Works in a Factory
2002 - vonFrickle Vibrate, Transmit, Receive
2003 - vonFrickle
Mission 4.9
2006 - vonFrickle
Beyond Weird Series– Episode 2, Frank's Great Escape
2006 - vonFrickle
2008 - vonFrickle
The 40 Fingers Of Doctor V
2010 - vonFrickle

1997 - The Water Babies Self-Titled
2002 - Simon A Month of Sundays
2000 - 2010 - All vonFrickle recordings (except Feeding the Organic Computer)

Lee is always looking for new music to check out. Anything Zamphir-related is his favorite, but he has an extensivemusic library that includes material from artists of all types. Here are some of Lee’s current favorite artists: King Crimson, Adrian Belew (all A.B. solo albums), Trey Gunn

Paul Reed Smith Custom-24 Guitar
Roland GR1 & GR33 Guitar Synths
Waldorf-Q Synth
Yamaha Mu100R Synth
Axon AX100 Convertor
Zoom and Boss Guitar Effects