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Tim Pearson

Dan Meyer

Mark Genrich


Timothy Pierson •
Tim was a founding member and integral part of the genesis of the band. His unique tapping style permeated a large number of the early compositions, many of which he wrote. Tim left the band in 2003 to pursue other opportunities.

2000 -
Sounds From Inside the Mind of…
2001 -
Feeding the Organic Computer
2002 -
Beyond Weird Series – Episode 1, Frank Works in a Factory
2002 -
Vibrate, Transmit, Receive
2003 -
Mission 4.9

Dan Meyer • Dan had two separate stints in vonFrickle, first as a multi-instrumentalist, and later as bassist/keyboardist. In every role Dan brought a wealth of musical knowledge and creativity, and his ability to play a huge range of instruments allowed the band to explore many different textures. Dan left the band in early 2010 to focus on other musical endeavors as well as to pursue his private pilot's license.

2005 - Beyond Weird Series – Episode 2, Frank's Great Escape
2006 -
2008 -
LIVE: The 40 Fingers of Doctor V
2010 -

Mark Genrich • Mark played a number of live shows from late 2003 to early 2004, prior to Dan Meyer joining the band permanently. Mark has gone on to other projects, and currently plays upright bass in Ghosttown Gramophone.